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Journalist, writer and literary critic Marie Abraham-Despointes was born in France and moved to Guadeloupe in the 1980s. She is a Professor of Classical Literature and has taught in France and Guadeloupe. Along with Gisèle Pineau, she is co-author of the book entitled Femmes des Antilles, traces et voix, a work dedicated to women's involvement in the history of the French West Indies, which was published by Editions Stock in 1998. Marie was awarded the Prix Séverine by the Association des femmes journalistes (AFJ) for this book in 1999. She has worked with such magazines as Globe and written a number of critical articles and reports on West Indian cultural products. In 2001, she coordinated Autrement magazine’s special issue on Guadeloupe: Guadeloupe : temps incertains. Above all, she is co-founder of the Prix des Amériques Insulaires et de la Guyane, alongside writer Maryse Condé and industrialist Amédée Huyghues-Despointes. She is Chair of the Association that organises this prize, founded in 2000 to reflect the novelistic imagination of the Caribbean area. New consideration was given to the 6th edition of the Prix des Amériques Insulaires de la Guyane following the Haiti earthquake in 2010. Its content and ethos have been altered accordingly, and a writer’s residency was set up in June. The title Ecritures des Amériques has now replaced Prix des Amériques insulaires et de la Guyane.

Select bibliography

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Prizes and distinctions

1999 : Prix Séverine des femmes journalistes

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