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Adrian Augier was born in Santa Lucia in the early 1960s. A graduate of the University of Western Ontario (Canada) and American University in Washington DC (United States), he is an economist recognised not only in his own part of the world but by such international bodies as the European Union, the United Nations and the World Bank. He is also a poet, playwright and well-known cultural actor! He has been involved in the Santa Lucia Carnival for over 30 years, cofounded the St. Lucia Lighthouse Theater (1983), founded the Factory Creative Art Center (1997), and is organiser of the Kalalu World Music Festival. Regarded as a specialist in the development of cultural industries, he is frequently consulted for his expertise – which has been called upon by the likes of CARICOM, Carifesta and the Government of Grenada. From a literary point of view, Adrian Augier has written and produced several musicals, including Anthem (2004) and Espérance (2009), both of which were commissioned by the Santa-Lucia Government to celebrate the 25th and 30th anniversaries of the country’s independence. His writings focus essentially on exploration of culture, identity, and the inequalities existing in a society undergoing constant change. His collection of poems Bridgemaker (2001) was acclaimed by literary critics as a truly outstanding work. Other pieces he has written have appeared in such anthologies as Roseau Valley and other Poems and Saint Lucian Literature and Theatre: an Anthology of Reviews. The poet’s latest publication, Navel String (2012), is a new collection looking at life in the Caribbean in the light of its political and social history, through the careers of several generations of characters in the West Indies and abroad. Adrian Augier was a guest at the Fèstival Poézi Gwadloup in March 2013.

Select bibliography


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Prizes and distinctions

2012: Named a Doctor Honoris Causa by the University of the West Indies in recognition of his contribution to development and culture.

2010: Caribbean Laureate of Arts & Letters

2009: National Drama Association of Trinidad and Tobago - Caribbean Cacique Prize for his contribution to the development, integration and exploration of Caribbean theatre.

1998: Minivielle and Chastenet Fine Arts Awards Council: Audiovisual Production category

1992: Minivielle and Chastenet Fine Arts Awards Council: Visual Arts category

1980, 1981, 1991, 1994: Minivielle and Chastenet Fine Arts Awards Council: Literary Arts category

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