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Academic background :BA, the Sorbonne (1954 - 1961)

From 1962 to 1981: Civil servant at the Algerian Ministry of education , teaches French in independent Algeria at IBN TOUMERT junior high school (Boufarik)

Back to France in 1981, 1986 to 1990, serves as a parliamentary attache.

Back to Martinique, 1999 to 2001: Associate lecturer at the University of the Antilles and Guyana (UAG) on Regional Languages and Cultures (LCR)

2002: Tutor at the Departmental association for Family assistance and Educational Action (A.D.A.F.A.E) within the framework of the Training courses entitled “Permanent Workshop on Social and Family Education” and “Workshop Illiteracy Support for Cooks”

2006: At AMDOR 200O, a service concerning the creole language for the formation ensures leading to the qualification of  “Management of Organizations, Option  Project Management in the educational, social and sociocultural field" a professional license .

Since 2006, each year, tutor for the Martinique Creole language learning workshop under the aegis of the International Research Center  on Caribbean Studies and Co-operation in the Americas, a workshop held four hours a week, at the University campus in Schoelcher.

Founding member of KM2 (Krey Matjè Kréyol Matinik: Association of Martiniquean Writers using Creole language).

Since 2005, producer for MARTINIQUE RADIO of `Tout Lang Sé Lang”, a Creole program devoted to Creoles languages in the Caribbean.

Main works

(translations of titles for information purposes only –refer also to the French original)

* Voices in a prison followed by Orpheus Negro,

from the Voices of sirens under the generic title of

Songs to hasten the time of death

Orpheus a play, editions P.J Oswald 1967, republished 1993.

* Slave traders, drama, editions Harmattan, 1971;
republshed 1993.

* Bellies full, Bellies empty, drama,
Harmattan, 1971; republished 1993.

* And until the last pulsation of our veins,
drama, editions Harmattan, 1976; republished 1993.

* Anba fey, poetry, editions Radio Mango, 1987.

* ABC for starters,  literacy handbook
in Creole, editions Radio operator Mango, 1989.

* Pawol bwa sek, poetry, Zandoli editions, 1992.

* Chiktay pawol, poetry, Mabouya editions, 1994.

* Délivrans! drama, editions Harmattan, 1995.

* Zizinng pawol, poetry, Mabouya editions, 1998.

* Aesop's Fables, translation in Martinique Creole
in Zayann II, PLB editions 2002.

* Maskoko, visual arts, Mabouya editions, 2003.

* The genuine  history of Hourya, drama
editions Harmattan, 2005.

* Migannaj, poetry, Mabouya editions, 2005.

* Es lakou dò? or a small lamp in the night,
play, editions Harmattan, 2005.

* Agoulouland followed by the 10 fingers of the 2 hands,
play, editions Harmattan, 2006.

* The man asleep or and again the filthy beast,
play, K. Editions, 2007.

* Mas, poetry, K. Editions, 2007.

* Poulbwa ek bwabwa, play, K. Editions, 2008

* Stagefolks followed by Misié Agoulou ek Ti Sonson, play, K. Editions, 2008

* Kat zié kontré manti fini, radiophonic play, Mabouya editions, 2009

* Orpheus Negro and voices of the sirens, republished by L' Harmattan, 2010.

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