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Poet, playwright, novelist and director, Gerty Dambury was born in Pointe-à-Pitre in 1957. She spent her childhood in Guadeloupe before moving with her mother to France where she took her baccalaureate in 1974. She went on to study English and Arabic at Paris VIII University, before completing her studies in 2003 with an Art and Performance course at Paris X University in Nanterre. Gerty has written a great many plays, short stories, poetry collections and novels. Her first writings for stage were completed with her friends from the Coordination des Femmes Noires (feminist group she belonged to at the time), and she would not write her first plays on her own until her return to Guadeloupe. This was when she produced the plays Carfax, Fyel, Bâton Maréchal, Lettres indiennes and Carême. Most of Gerty Dambury's work for the stage has been performed in France, the French West Indies and Switzerland, and she has also carried out several writing residences: in 2000, she was welcomed to La Chartreuse in Villeneuve-Lès-Avignon where she was able to write her play Enfouissements; and while in Oxford in 2001, she wrote Confusions d’instants. Her work has received several awards: Survols won the writing competition Une Scène pour la Démocratie and Trames won the Prix de la Dramaturgie de langue française de la SACD in 2008. Alongside her writing occupation, Gerty Dambury also taught English at lycée. In 2002, she completed a teaching semester at Swarthmore College as a Visiting Professor. She has also acted as Education and Training Advisor and Book and Reading Advisor to the Regional Directorate for Regional Affairs. Gerty has also run acting and writing workshops on behalf of the Maison du geste et de l’image in the Parisian region. Her latest publication and first novel, Les rétifs, published by Editions du Manguier in 2012, tells the story of a young girl, Émilienne, and her experience and questions concerning the events of May 1967.

Select bibliography


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Short stories

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  • Robert Radford, preface by Aimé Césaire. Fragments, 2001 (short essay on the painter)

Prizes and distinctions

2010: Prix Carbet awarded her a special mention for the whole of her oeuvre

2008: Prix de la Dramaturgie de langue française de la SACD

1993: Winner of the writing competition “Une Scène pour la Démocratie” for Survols

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