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Mac Donald Ernest Dixon was born in Castries in 1944. Apart from his 35-year-long career as a banker and his post as Advisor on Trade to the Government of Santa Lucia, he is also a well-known poet, novelist, short-story writer, photographer and painter, and actively involved in the world of the theatre as a playwright, actor and director. He became interested in the arts at an early age and was just 16 years old when he happened across Derek Walcott’s Twenty-Five poems while exploring the shelves of his school library. From that moment on he knew he was going to become a writer! His first publication was a collection of poems entitled Pebbles (1973). He then set his hand to writing plays, and his work began to appear in such magazines and anthologies as Agenda, Bim Magazine, Callaloo, Caribbean Quarterly, Caribbean Writer and Wasafari. In his writings, the author seeks to recreate a history of his people’s myths and legends to serve as a reference for contemporary and future writers in his country. He also has a short-story collection (Careme) to his credit along with three novels, the latest of which, Saints of Little Paradise, takes as its subject the initial contact of two civilisations – that of Europe with that of the New World – and their capacity to connect with one another and progress towards fusion. Themes of survival, resistance and the fight for freedom are also recurrent in his work.


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Prizes and distinctions

1993: Santa Lucia National Medal of Merit, for his longstanding contribution to literature and photography.

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