General Presentation:

Suzanne Dracius was born in Fort-de-France and spent her childhood in Martinique, before moving to the Île-de-France. After completing her studies at the Marie-Curie high school in Sceaux and later at the Sorbonne, she became a French teacher, working in Paris until her return to her native Martinique. She has also taught at the University of the Antilles and Guyane, at the University of Georgia and at the Ohio University (USA).

Main works

Introduced to the public in 1989 with her novel L’autre qui danse, she was a finalist for the Prix du Premier Romans (Seghers/Robert Laffont Edtions, republished in a paperback edition by Rochers in 2007) and her writings, with their volcanic sensuality, were well appreciated by Aimé Césaire

Her works – novel, short stories (Rue Monte au ciel, Desnel, 2003, FNAC pick of the month), play (Lumina Sophie dite Surprise, Desnel, 2005, Schoelcher Medal winner at Women’s Day celebrations), poetry and books for young readers (Fables de la Fontaine avec adaptations créoles et sources, Desnel, 2006) – have been published in Europe and in the United States, as well as translated into Italian, English, Spanish, Dutch, Romanian, German, Malagasy and other languages. They are also studied at many European; American, Canadian and African universities.

Her first collection of poetry, Exquise déréliction métisse, won the Fetkann Prize in 2009 (official presentation at the Paris Book Fair). In 2010 she was awarded the Fondation Jacques Raphaël Leygues French Poetry Society Prize for her works.

In keeping with her declaration that she « writes in the feminine plural » and her exaltation of literary mixing and revolt, Suzanne Dracius was the coordinator of Pour Haiti (Desnel, 2010), from which all proceeds went to Libraries Without Borders. This “mulatress” dances to the sound of her memory as it is chanted by the echoes of History, while questioning a multi-ethnic France in all of its solitudes.

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