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The writer, playwright, director, scriptwriter and artistic director Alain Foix was born in 1954 in Guadeloupe and currently lives in Paris. His interests and experience to date have been eclectic to say the least. A Doctor of Philosophy from La Sorbonne and holder of a DEA (diploma of advanced studies) of ethnology from Jussieu, Alain practises dance (contemporary and African), plays music (Western concert flute, saxophone) acts and is interested in the film industry. He founded Canal K, a documentary film production firm which has produced several of Alain's documentary films including Moun Guadeloupe in 1986, Guadeloupe, a Carnival comedy in 1987 and Vélo Soleil in 1988, awarded at the Vues d’Afrique Festival. Alain Foix has held several positions in connection with his interests. He has been Director of L’Artchipel, Scène nationale de Guadeloupe, of Le Prisme (theatre in Saint-Quentin) and of La Muse en circuit (Centre National de Création Musicale). In 2001, he set up his own artistic and multidisciplinary structure Quai des Arts. As a man of letters, he has written plays, novels, essays and books for young people. He has contributed to various daily newspapers, magazines and journals such as Libération, l’Humanité, Acte 1, Parachute, Pour la danse, etc. and participated in many collective works. He particularly helped to write the Larousse Dictionnaire de la danse. In 2006 Alain published Toussaint Louverture, a text that caught the eye of the France télévisions group which bought the rights to turn it into a telefilm of the same name. Alain was co-scriptwriter. His latest publication was brought out by Editions Gallimard in 2012. It is a "biographical novel" on the defender of civic rights: Martin Luther King.

Select bibliography


  • Martin Luther King. Gallimard, 2012
  • Noir : de Toussaint Louverture à Barak Obama. Galaade, 2009
  • Toussaint Louverture. Gallimard, 2007
  • Venus et Adam. Galaade, 2007
  • Ta mémoire, petit monde. Gallimard, 2005
  • Peintre peint sur papier peint. Galaade, 2005


Children’s books

  • Aujourd’hui en Guadeloupe : Lou à Sainte-Anne. Gallimard jeunesse, 2008
  • Je danse donc je suis. Gallimard jeunesse, 2007
  • Histoire de l’esclavage. Gallimard jeunesse, 2007



  • La dernière scène. Galaade, 2012
  • Duel d’ombre. 2008
  • Pas de prison pour le vent : Angela Davis, Gerty Archimède. Jasor, 2006
  • Rue Saint Denis. 1988

Prizes and distinctions

2007: Winner of the Grand prix de la biographie politique

2004: Grand prix Beaumarchais de l’écriture théâtrale contemporaine

1989: Premier prix de documentaire at the Vues d’Afrique Festival in Montreal for Vélo-soleil

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