General Presentation

- Organizer of the Guadeloupe carnival (GDCF) from 1976 to1983.

- Creator of the Carnival Princess and Prince competitions in Guadeloupe.

- Vice-President of the Guadeloupe Tourist Board, from 1976 to 1983, under Chairman Dr. Édouard CHARTOL.

- Jury Member of the Over-seas territories French song festival

- Member of the Organising Committee of international festivals in Guadeloupe - 1985

- Active member of the Club Richelieu Féminin in 1987.

- General Secretary of the Regional Tennis League - 1985 to 1987.


- Member of the CIVAM board of directors, under President Pierre MATHIEU, (President of the Regional Council of Guadeloupe).

- Founding member of the FIDEG (filial of the World Women Bank) - 1988, under President Antoinette SIMET-LUTIN.

- Assistant secretary of the Professional feminine union

- Press officer, in Guadeloupe, of the DIALOGUE association – 1988 – under President Jacqueline PELLETIER.

- Regional representative of the Committee for alcoholism prevention (National anti-alcoholism League).

- President of the CERCOM (Circle for relations and exchanges among EU and DOM teachers)

- General Secretary of the Pointe-à-Pitre tourism office, 1990.

- Vice-President of the PRUDENCE culinary institute in Anse-Bertrand, Guadeloupe

- General Secretary of the Force 96 association in Abymes, Guadeloupe

Main works

- Participation in the compilation of the FEMMES, LIVRE DOR DE LA FEMME CRÉOLE Encyclopaedia in 1988

- Author of the brochure for the “MÉMORIELLES” exhibition, by Guadeloupean artist Nicole RÉACHE- 1993

- Publicationof a novel –  LE FLAMBOYANT AUX YEUX BLEUS – 1993

- Publication of a historical text –  QUELQUES DATES DE L’HISTOIRE DE LA GUADELOUPE ET SES ENVIRON – 1996

- Autobiographical participation in Gisèle PINEAU’s Femmes des Antilles, Traces et Voix - 1998

- Participation, as writer and presenter, in RFO radio programmes, during the build-up to the150th anniversary of the abolition of slavery - 1998

- Publication of a novel – LE CLOCHER –  IBIS ROUGE Editons, November 1999.

- out of 450 books, LE CLOCHER was selected as one of 12 finalists for the GRAND PRIX RFO DU LIVRE, 2000.

- Participation in the PARIS BOOK FAIR 2000

- Participation in the GUADELOUPE BOOK FAIR 2000


- Publication, in 2001, of a novel on slavery, Bonjour Foulards, Bonjour Madras, IBIS ROUGE Editions

- Grand Prize for the best short story on slave revolt, awarded by LA PLUME GUYANAISE, for Les enfants de katvinkatoz in 2002

- Publication, in 2003, of a two-novel book – Une sprinteuse en bout de piste and Clarisse et son gâché – IBIS ROUGE Editions

- In 2005, Clarisse et son gâché was chosen by the Danish Ministry of education as learning material for French-language students. As such, it was published by SYSTIME Editions, with the title Patois, toi? by professor Peter Jensen.

- Publication, in 2007, of a detective novel, La vérité du sang, during the Paris Book Fair. 

-  Participation, in 2008, in Women’s Day celebrations organised by the Alliance Française of Castries in Saint Lucia

-  Publication in 2009 of LA GAZETTE DU COSTUME CRÉOLE, with illustrations by Nicole Réache.

-  In 2010 LA GAZETTE DU COSTUME CRÉOLE won the Prix du Beau livre at the Ouessant Book Fair.

- Publication in 2010 of Vie et mœurs du peuple caraïbe au XVIIème siècle

- Participation in the Salon de la Médiathèque de Kourou, in French Guiana, in September 2010.

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