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Yann Garvoz is a French writer – or "Francophone" as he puts it – who was born in 1970. An Agrégé in Mathematics, he nevertheless completed a Bachelor of Classical Literature and then a Master of Modern Literature to gain a better grasp of his writing projects. He left France after his studies for Guadeloupe – and France's colonial past – where he lived for a few years and where part of his family is based. Following that, he made several trips to wild, remote regions in North America (like Maine), where he devoted himself to writing. Yann now lives in Toronto (Canada) and teaches at the Lycée Français. Through his work he expresses a strong interest in French colonial history as well as the French language and how it has evolved through the centuries. As author of several prize-winning short stories during competitions, he presented his first novel in 2011, rounding off his first literary project. Plantation Massa-Lanmaux is its title: a satire of colonialism and present-day neo-colonialism. The story takes place on an island in the 18th century, in a plantation where the slaves revolt. The term Massa-Lanmaux is a pun of the Creole expression Mas a Lanmò which means "death mask", a character in the Carnival parades in the French West Indies. Also worthy of mention in this novel is Yann's skill at combining the language of the 18th century with contemporary French. Yann Garvoz's short stories are due to be published by the same publisher (Maurice Nadeau) as Plantation Massa-Lanmaux. The author is currently working on a second novel “La Bibliothèque des Sables” (provisional title), which explores this link between the land and the language, history and geography, literature and France.

Select bibliography

  • Plantation Massa-Lanmaux. Maurice Nadeau, 2011.
  • Les veuves de verre récits. Maurice Nadeau, 2010.

Prizes and distinctions

2012: French language finalist for the Prix littéraire Trillium (Ontario, Canada)

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