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Yvonne Gombaud-Saintonge was born and bred right in the centre of Fort-de-France. As a child, she spent her holidays in the family home in Sainte-Anne, in the south of Martinique. As a professor agrégée hors-classe of Classical Literature, she has taught at Lycée Schœlcher in Fort-de-France, and then Lycée de Baimbridge in Les Abymes. She currently teaches at the University of the French West Indies and Guiana. Yvonne has devoted her life to literary research, turning her attentions above all to Guadeloupian activist poetry of the 20th century. She showed a particular predilection for the poet Saint-John Perse very early on and became a specialist in the oeuvre of this author. She would also publish an article in the magazine of the Association des Amis de la Fondation Saint-John Perse. In 2011, she published an anthology of 20th century Guadeloupian poets entitled Fleurs du Gaïac, where she touches on the tragic events that occurred in Guadeloupe in May 1967, and for which she would win the Prix Fètkann for poetry. Yvonne Gombaud-Saintonge now lives in Martinique after many years in Guadeloupe. Her latest contribution to the study of Guadeloupian poetry is her participation in a collective piece of work on the poet Sony Rupaire, coordinated by Ronald Selbonne and which is scheduled for release in April 2013 by Editions Jasor.

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  • Fleurs du Gaïac, poètes guadeloupéens du XXe siècle. Editions Jasor, 2011

Prizes and distinctions

2011: Prix Fètkann de la poésie for Fleur du Gaïac, poètes guadeloupéens du XXe siècle.

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