Gosier (Guadeloupe)

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Max Jeanne was born in Le Gosier in 1945 and is a Professor of Literature, storyteller, novelist, short-story writer and poet. He studied Literature at the Baimbridge Centre d’Enseignement Supérieur Littéraire (CESL) in Guadeloupe and then Drama in Bordeaux. He plays an active part in Guadeloupe’s community and literary life, participating in theatrical events and in research groups on stagecraft. He attaches great importance to transmission of knowledge and promotion of West Indian poetry, and gives frequent talks to sixth-formers and students. He has also worked with the West Indian magazine CARE (Centre Antillais de Recherches et d'Études). His first published work, Western, which he refers to as a “ciné-poème”, was written in 1978 and was adapted for the stage in 1998 by the Thalia company. The poems are presented in a highly original manner, with texts laid out graphically and interspersed with illustrations by the painter and sculptor Michel Rovelas. Max Jeanne’s writings are generally marked by key events in Guadeloupe’s history (the 1802 Revolution, abolition of slavery, and the “events of May 1967”). His latest book Coup de Soleil, a collection of short stories published in 2012 by Editions Nestor, bears witness to our relationship with Guadeloupe and the Caribbean. The stories were certainly inspired by his frequent travels in the Caribbean (to Cuba, Trinidad, Barbados, Venezuela, Puerto-Rico and elsewhere).

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