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Born in French Guiana, Catherine Le Pelletier is a Grand Reporter for Overseas public television and has contributed to several newspapers and magazines. In 1993, she created and presented the monthly literary programme "Encre noire", broadcast on RFO Guyane. With a Doctorate in Comparative Literature under her belt, Catherine currently lives in Guadeloupe and teaches at the University of the French West Indies and Guiana. Her publications focus primarily upon studying and promoting contemporary Francophone literature from the Caribbean (French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Haiti) to the layman. Through her work she is particularly interested in the different forms of literary expression in French Guiana. She has also taken part in numerous symposia. Catherine Le Pelletier has written several essays, including Michel Lohier, régionaliste et folkloriste Guyanais. In 2008, she published Karu Quizz, a questions/answers quiz with different sections (literature, history and food design for example) to do with Guadeloupe. As a specialist in the canon of Dumas and co-founder of the Négritude movement, Catherine's first novel was published by Idem in 2011, entitled Rhapsodie Jazz pour Damas. This is a work of fiction interwoven with historical facts in which Mamoune, the narrator, shows readers the world in which Damas lived through real characters.

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