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Arlette Minatchy-Bogat was born in 1945 in Saint-Claude, Guadeloupe, as one of 12 children belonging to the fourth generation of Indian immigrants who had settled in Guadeloupe. She has written several novels and plays, retired from a career in national education, and is now closely involved in various associations and the theatre. Arlette is a member of the Association Culturelle Guadeloupéenne des Amis de l’Inde and of the Répertoire théâtral antillais. Immigration and Indianness are recurrent themes in her work. Her novel Terre d’exil et d’adoption, published in 2000, tells the story of Indian immigration and settlement in Guadeloupe from the first arrivals in 1857 to the present day. All her novels have been published by Ibis Rouge. Two new works have appeared in 2013, Les héritiers de l’inde en terre créole and Papa! T’ai–je vraiment oublié ?

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  • Les héritiers de l’inde en terre créole. Ibis rouge, 2013
  • Papa !...T’ai-je vraiment oublié ? Ibis rouge, 2013
  • La métisse caribéenne. Ibis rouge, 2009
  • Maman ! J’ai raté mes études….Ibis Rouge, 2009
  • Femmes créoles : Mi Yo-Mi Nou. Ibis rouge, 2007
  • Terre d’exil et d’adoption. Ibis rouge, 2000



  • A qui la faute ? (Comédie théâtrales en actes)
  • Parcours de l’esclave Kadochill. (Comédie muette, 32 mimes en deux actes)
  • L’assiette équilibrée pour les centenaires.
  • La consolation de Chabin, fils d’esclave et de maître. (Pièce en quatre actes)

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Knight of the Order of Academic Palms

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