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Elisabeth Nuñez was born in Trinidad and emigrated to the United States after completing her secondary education. A graduate of the University of New York, she is a Doctor of English and teaches Creative Writing and Fiction at the City University of New-York’s Hunter College. She has won countless prizes and awards for her novels, contributes to several scientific reviews as a literary critic, and is co-editor of an anthology entitled Stories from Blue Latitudes: Caribbean Woman Writers at Home and Abroad and a collection of essays, Black Writers in the 90’s. Elisabeth's novels often focus on subjects linked to immigration with regard to origins, questions of race and ethnicity, respect for the elderly, and the faults and failings of the publishing world. Three of her works have been published as audiobooks. Her latest novel, Boundaries (2011), is the tale of an immigrant family set against a background of romance and assimilation.  Elisabeth Nuñez is also cofounder of the National Black Writers Conference, which she directed from 1986 to 2000. She is active in supporting black writers through radio and TV programmes and in any other way she can.

Select bibliography

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Prizes and distinctions

2013: Outstanding Trailblazer Award from the National Council for Research on Women.

2012: Trinidad and Tobago Lifetime Literary Award.

2011: The Poets and Writers’ “Writers for Writers” Award

2011: New York Time Editor’s Choice for Boundaries.

2010: Prospero's Daughter selected by the Trinidad and Tobago National Library (NALIS) at its fifth annual One Book, One Community reading project.

2009: New York Time Editor’s Choice for Anna In Between.

2006: New York Time Editor’s Choice for Prospero's Daughter.

2006: Prospero's Daughter named “Novel of the Year” by Black Issues Book Review.

2003: Winner of the American Book Award for her novel Bruised Hibiscus.

1999: Independent Publishers Book Award in the “Multicultural” category, for Beyond the Limbo Silence.

1998: Beyond The Limbo Silence named “Best Book of the Year” by the Washington Post.

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