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Born in Azua de Compostela in 1963, Emilia Pereyra is a novelist and journalist. In the 1980s, after completing her primary and secondary education at San Jose College in Azua, she moved away and enrolled in the Universidad Autonoma de Santo Domingo, where she graduated in communication. She then went on to study in Spain at the Universidad del Pais Vasco where she obtained a Master’s in Multimedia Journalism. She has taught journalistic writing and worked for the Dominican Republic’s principal media, where she gained major experience in the institutional and corporate press, contributing to a variety of publications including La Noticia, El Nuevo Diario, El Caribe, Ultima Hora and Hoy y El Siglo, of which she was Director of Publication and Editor-in-Chief. She was also head of the Ministry of Education and Culture’s Department of Information. In addition to her other work, Emilia Pereyra is the author of a number of stories, novels and essays, writing her first novel, El crimen verde, in 1994. In 1998, her novel Cenizas del querer was one of ten semi-finalists selected for the Prix Planeta, one of the most important awards for novels written in Spanish. In 2007, she published her first collection of short stories El inapelable designio de Dios, several of which have been translated into English and Italian. Her latest novel, El grito del tambor, was published by Alfaguara in 2012.

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