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Hector Poullet, Creolist and translator into Guadeloupian Creole, was born in 1938. He is a teacher of Creole language and culture and one of the pioneers in introducing Creole in schools and school textbooks. Hector was also the first person to use the word "créolité" in a 1975 publication: le mensuel de la créolité, Muchach. He has published dictionaries, lexicons and methods for learning the Creole language, mainly through the Jasor, Assimil and PLB publishing houses. In order to promote the Creole language, Hector Poullet divides his time between literary genres and educational material. He has also written poetry, stories, essays and educational documents as well as works for younger audiences: Code noir et Nègres marrons: Armel et Daniel is designed to help young people gain a better understanding of the history of slavery. Other forms of media are used such as cartoons and card games; all of these have been explored and utilised as vectors to improve knowledge of the Creole language. Furthermore, he has translated a wide range of books and comics into Creole, for example Le Grand Fossé de Goscinny (Astérix) with Editions Caraïbéditions, as well as stories and Les Fables de la Fontaine. Concerned with passing on his knowledge, he has set up and runs Creole training programmes for Creole teachers or the general public. He often works with other people involved in promoting the Creole language, on many occasions with Sylviane Telchid for example.

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