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Journalist, poet and novelist Emmelie Prophète was born in Port-au-Prince in 1971. She studied Law and Modern Literature at Port-au-Prince University and Communication at Jackson State University in Mississippi, going on to be appointed Director of Haiti’s Direction Nationale du Livre. As a diplomat, she was an embassy attaché in Haiti and then in Geneva. She also presented a jazz programme on Radio-Haïti for a number of years. Emmelie has contributed to a wide range of newspapers, reviews and magazines, including Médiapart, Chemins Critiques, Boutures, Cultura, La Nouvelle Revue Française and Le Nouvelliste. She is the author of poetry collections, narratives and novels. Her first narrative, Le testament des solitudes (2007), was very well received by the critics and won the Prix Littéraire de la Caraïbe de l’ADELF in 2009. In 2010, she published Le reste du temps, a novel paying tribute to Jean Dominique and depicting the special relationship that existed between the narrator, a female journalist at Radio-Haïti, and her late mentor. She has helped to write several collective works. Her latest work came out in 2012, entitled Impasse Dignité, which goes back over the lives of a dozen ill-assorted, endearing but also detestable characters. In December 2012, Emmelie Prophète was appointed Director General of the Bureau Haïtien des Droits D’auteur (BHDD).

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Prizes and distinctions

2009: Prix Littéraire de la Caraïbe de l’ADELF, ex aequo, for her novel Le testament des solitudes

2007: Special mention by the Casa de las Américas Prize Jury for Le testament des solitudes

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