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Anderson Reynolds was born in Vieux-Fort, Santa Lucia, in the 1960s. After working as a laboratory assistant and agricultural technician, he obtained a Doctorate in Food and Resource Economics from the University of Florida in 1989. From then up until 2011, he taught at various universities in the United States and Santa Lucia, and held a number of other posts in North America before finally returning to Santa Lucia in 1999, where he soon established himself as an actor in his country’s economic development. He is the author of three novels, the first of which became an immediate bestseller. The novelist’s preferred theme is the Human Tragedy, which he presents by combining a range of factors – historical, geographical, natural, cultural, supernatural and socioeconomic – enabling him to plot his characters’ destinies. This manner of going about his work is also a way of getting his readers to understand the origins of the Santa-Lucians, their identity as a people, and how they became what they are. His latest novel, The Stall Keeper (2012), is set in his native town of Vieux-Fort, with the American occupation during the Second World War as a backdrop. Apart from his work as a novelist, Anderson Reynolds contributes regular articles to Santa Lucia’s leading newspapers. He is also the founder of Jako Productions, a cultural enterprise that encourages artistic expression (publishing books and magazines, producing music, films, concerts and cultural events, managing artists, etc.) and which works to promote Santa Lucia beyond its shores.

Select bibliography

  • The Stall Keeper, Jako Books, 2012.
  • The Struggle For Survival, Jako Books, 2003.
  • Death by Fire, Jako Books, 2001.

Prizes and distinctions

2012: St Lucia National Art Award for Prose for The Stall Keeper.

2003: M&C Main Award for Prose for his novel The Struggle For Survival.

2001: M&C Main Award for Literature for his novel Death by Fire.

2001: M&C Main Prize for his work as a journalist.

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