General Presentation:

Man of letters, film-maker

Born in Paris on October 13, 1954, he is a former student of the École normale supérieure, Rue d’Ulm and holder of the aggrégation diploma in philosphy. Since 1998, he has been exclusively devoting his time to writing, independent historical research, film directing and producing and community life.  He is furthermore committed to the fight against racism and to promoting historical heroes for the cause of cultural diversity in France. He is the author of various essays, novels, satirical tracts and dramas.

Main works

Literary works:

Le cri du Centaure Plon, 2001
Alexandre Dumas, le Dragon de la Reine, Le Rocher 2002
L’Expédition, Le Rocher, 2003
Le chevalier de Saint-George, Perrin, 2004
Une saison en Irak, Privé, 2005
Le crime de Napoléon, self-published, 2005. Re-published by Alphée in 2010. Translated in Brazil and China. First edition: 25 000 copies sold.
Les nègres de la République, Alphée, 2007
Le nègre vous emmerde, for Aimé Césaire, Buchet-Chastel, 2008
Le Diable noir, Alphée, 2008
Mémoires du chevalier de Saint-George, Alphée, 2010



Le chevalier de Saint-George, un Africain à la cour (produced by Bartabas,
Saint-George (carded to open in Paris in 2011)
Delgrès (carded to open in Paris in 2011)


Audiovisiual works:

L’Algérie c’était la France (2001, co-production with Pierre-André-Boutang, 2 x 26’ Arte, la Chaîne Histoire).
Le Diable Noir (2009, documentary film of 52’, France 3 Paris Centre Ile de France, RFO, France Ô, France 2).
Saint-George, documentary film (ongoing production). Story of the Chevalier de Saint-George (1745-1799).
Le général Dumas (feature-length film, currently in preparation).


Member of the French national consultative commission on human rights (CNCDH), from 2005-2008, in his capacity as a public figure, qualified through his commitment to the promotion of human rights.

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