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The poet Max Rippon was born in Grand-Bourg, Marie-Galante, in 1944, spending his childhood on his native island and then moving to Pointe-à-Pitre where he attended Lycée Carnot and rubbed shoulders with such major Guadeloupian literary figures as Sony Rupaire. Although he lives in continental Guadeloupe, he sees himself as essentially Marie-Galantian. Deeply attached to Creole culture, his work seeks to depict the life, culture and values of his country. He has published numerous collections of poetry as well as an autobiographical narrative entitled Le  dernier matin, based on memories of early teenage years. He is also the author of two novels, Marie  la Gracieuse and Six virgule trois, which he neologistically refers to as “racontages”. His first work, Pawòl naïf, was issued by his own publishing house Aïchi Editions in 1987, following which he was the first author to be published by Jasor. In 2010, he translated Gilda Gonfier’s L’anoli amoureux into Creole – a work that won the first “livres jeunesse en Caraïbe” competition held by Guadeloupe General Council. His most recent work, Morrina, quitter la rade, is a collection of poems in French and Creole, as well as poems translated into a surprising range of languages, including Spanish, English, German, Romanian, Walloon, Arabic and Songhay.

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