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Born in 1947, Emilio Jorge Rodriguez is a Cuban literary critic and essayist. He studied Spanish Language and Literature at the University of Havana and obtained the grade of Researcher at the Cuban Academy of Sciences. He has lectured at several universities in the Caribbean (including Cuba, Puerto-Rico, Mexico, Jamaica and Haiti), United States and Europe (Germany), and has also contributed to a wide range of newspapers, magazines and journals, including Bim, Caribbean Quarterly, Revue Internationale de Littérature Comparée, Del Caribe, Gaceta de Cuba and Letras Cubanas. He founded the magazine Anales del Caribe (1981-2000). Emilio has received several distinctions, including the Razon del Ser prize from the Centro Alejo Carpentier in 1986, the CUNY-Caribbean research grant and the Fundación Nicolás Guillén research grant. He was also selected to participate in the Visiting Scholars' Program of the Africana Studies and Research Center (ASRC) at Cornell University. Emilio Jorge Rodriguez is very involved in cultural and literary circles, being a member of the Tribunal de Categorías Científicas del Instituto de Literatura y Lingüística in Cuba and Editorial Committee of the Revista Mexicana del Caribe amongst other institutions, as well as a member of the Caribbean Writers Congress jury. He has also headed up the Centro de Estudios del Caribe at the Casa de las Americas. Emilio has published several essays. Specialising in Caribbean literature, he has looked into the subject of creolisation in Caribbean oral and written discourse (Acriollamiento y discurso escrit/oral caribeño). He has also contributed to several collective publications including encyclopaedias (Encyclopedia of Caribbean Literature, 2006) and published various anthologies of Caribbean authors (Efraín Huerta, Pedro Juan Soto). His latest piece, Haïti and Trans-Caribbean Literary Identity/Haïti y la Transcaribenidad Literaria, was published by House of Nehesi Publishers in 2011.

Select bibliography

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Collective works

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Prizes and distinctions

2001: Latinoamericano y Caribeño de Ensayo Tercer Milenio Prize (La Gaceta de Cuba y Universidad de Antioquia)

1986: "Razon del Ser" prize from the Centro Alejo Carpentier for his project "Cronologia del movimiento literario en el Caribe"

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