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A committed freelance journalist, Frantz Succab belongs to a generation of Guadeloupian writers that use writing as a tool for subversion. His earliest writings consisted of activist articles and poems in Creole. He contributes to such magazines as Mot Phrasé and is the author of stories, essays, plays and screenplays, co-writing the script for Raymond Philogène’s documentary “De l'autre côté du monde”. Frantz is also a lyric-writer, and has penned songs for the group Milflè among others; his aim always being to transmit a message, to “renew the viewpoint” of Creole song. He cofounded the Kolèktif Sony Rupaire in 2009 and remains faithful to the ideals of the Guadeloupian poet, of whom he has made himself heir through his commitment to the defence of Creole culture. In 2001, Jacqueline Etienne was awarded the SACEM Discovery Prize for her interpretation of Atilayigo, a song written by Frantz Succab, while the singer Swanha Desvarieux was awarded the SACEM Interpretation Prize in 2005 for her version of the text Bato-la. Frantz Succab is very much interested in art, visual art in particular – a field in which he is developing as a critic. In 2012, his latest play, a dramatic comedy entitled Un Archipel de Solitude, was directed by José Jernidier and performed in several Guadeloupian theatres, including L’Archipel.

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Film script

  • De l'autre côté du monde, documentary by Raymond Philogène, 1994


Collective works

  • Guadeloupe et Martinique janvier-mars 2009 : la révolte méprisée : “Acomat, traversée des mots parmi les arbres”. 2011
  • Qui ne connaît pas Monsieur. Moussaoui, Rosa, Frantz Succab. Fort-de-France: Desnel, 2009

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