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Elizabeth Wilson, former head of the French Department at the University of the West Indies (Mona campus, Jamaica), is now retired after having been a senior lecturer in French language and literature at the Department of Modern Languages and Literature. She also taught postgraduate students in the Department of Anglophone Literature. At international level, Elizabeth Wilson has worked as guest lecturer at a number of American and Canadian universities, as well as at Radcliffe College’s Bunting Institute in 1989, after being awarded a Fullbright grant. As an academic, her research mainly focuses on women writers and Caribbean literature. She co-edited the first anthology of prose works by Caribbean women, entitled Her True-True Name (1989), and has also translated many poems, articles, short stories and novels, including the Guadeloupian author Gisèle Pinneau’s L’exil selon Julia (as Exile according to Julia), as well as co-translating a chapter of UNESCO’s General History of the Caribbean.

Select biliography

  • Aunt Résia and the Spirits and Other Stories – translation of a selection of short stories taken from Tante Résia et les Dieux, La Petite Corruption and La Folie était venue avec la Pluie by Yanick Lahens. University of Virginia Press, Caribbean and African literature, translated from a series in French, CARAF Books, 2010.
  • Exile according to Julia – translation of the novel L’Exil selon Julia by Gisèle Pineau (Stock 1996, 307 pp.) University of Virginia Press, CARAF books, 2003.
  • The Literary Review. No. 35:4; 1992: “Women Poets of the Caribbean” (co-edited by Pam Mordecai – guest translators/editors).
  • Her True-True Name. Anthology of Women’s Writing from the Caribbean, with introduction (co-edited by Pam Mordecai). Heinemann International. Oxford 1989.
  • Juletane – translation of the novel Juletane by Myriam Warner-Vieyra, (Paris, Présence Africaine, 1985), with introduction. Heinemann, 1987.

Prizes and distinctions

2004: raised to the rank of Officer of Academic Palms by the French Government.

1996: nominated as a Knight of the Order of Academic Palms by the French Government

1988: Winner of the Unites States Fullbright Award

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