Under the aegis of the Regional Council of Guadeloupe and upon the initiative of its President, Mr. Victorin Lurel, Member of the French Parliament for Guadeloupe, the Association of Caribbean Writers was created in November 2008, on the occasion of its first Congress. This Congress gave rise to the creation of a literary Grand Prize aimed at rewarding and paying tribute to a Caribbean writer or to an outstanding work from our common French, English, Spanish or Dutch literary fields.

To give concrete expression to this project without further delay, the organization of the first edition of this Grand Prize was proposed for the second edition of the Congress, in April 2011, under the provisional designation of “Regional Council of Guadeloupe Grand Prize for Caribbean Literature”. This initial edition is therefore meant to foreshadow the Grand Prize for literature of the Association of Caribbean Writers, which came out of the first Congress, and which will be bestowed at the third Congress in 2013. The “Regional Council of Guadeloupe Grand Prize for Caribbean Literature” will then become the “Association of Caribbean Writers Grand Prize for Literature”.

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