Press conference
Lieu : Mémorial ACTe – Modular workshops hall


Press conference

- Presentation of the 5th edition of the congress.


A literary and cultural discussion
Lieu : Camp Jacob/DPLSH, Saint-Claude University Campus


A literary and cultural discussion

This event will have a strong cultural character geared to a dialogue between the other forms of artistic expression and literature. It is being organised in partnership with the DPLSH.

- Literature in relation to the different arts: from the traditional aesthetic confrontation to the 2016 Nobel Prize for Literature.


Opening ceremony
Lieu : Mémorial ACTe


Opening ceremony
Mémorial ACTe
(Conference and performing arts hall)

Tribute to Guy Tirolien


Welcome reception
(Special events terrace )

Visit of the exhibitions

  • 1st Congress of Black Writers and Artists held at the Sorbonne in 1956. Presentation of 40 posters relating this historical event, in partnership with Editions Présence Africaine.
  • The winners of the Carbet High School Students Prize, in partnership with the Art Lycéen association.

simultaneous round tables
Lieu : Mémorial ACTe
9.00 to 10.30am:
Round table N° 1: How does the Caribbean writer choose his/her working language(s)?
(Conference and performing arts hall)
  • What intimate, identity and social issues affect such a choice?
  • What influences on the writer’s work and on his/her representation of him/herself?

Round table N° 2: Representation of social conflicts and overcoming them in Caribbean writings
(Modular workshops hall)
  • Exclusions, discords and economic conflicts. The Caribbean is one of the places in the world where the problem of social disparities is the most acute. The place of these questions in authors’ writings and overcoming them through imagination.
10.30 to 10.45am:
Coffee break

10.45 -12.15am:
Professional workshops
(Modular workshops hall)

Literary life in Colombia: the challenge of literature in peacetime

12.00 – 1.45:
Librairie Francophone (France-Inter)
(Conference and performing arts hall)
Space for dialogue with the writers
(Modular workshops hall)

1.00 - 2.00pm:

2.00 – 3.30pm:
Reading and book-signing sessions
(Special events terrace)
3.30 – 5.00pm Round table N° 3: Folk traditions and narrative structures
(Conference and performing arts hall)
  • Folk tales, audiences and rituals, assimilation, transformation and distance and the relation of the literary narrative to these practices

Round table N° 4: Unknown to us or neighbours in complicity?
(Modular workshops hall)
  • The circulation of works in the original or in translation in the various Caribbean spaces. What are the expectations of authors and how to remedy the difficulties? How do authors perceive comments about their works?
5.00 to 5.15pm: Tea break

5.15 to 6.45pm: Professional workshops: Festival and translation
(Modular workshops hall)

1. Literary festivals in Colombia and Puerto Rico
2. Literary translation: a profession serving the diffusion of Caribbean literatures

6.45pm : Reading and book-signing sessions
(Special events terrace)

Round tables
Lieu : Mémorial ACTe - Conference and performing arts hall
9.30 to 11.30am:
Round table N° 5: 1956 – 1st Congress of Black Writers and Artists 60 years after: assessment, lessons, state of play
11.00 to 11.15pm :
Coffee break

11.15 to 12.45am:
Round table N° 6: Music, songs and rituals, distance and/or fusion of individual poetry writings - Tribute to Derek Walcott
1.00 to 2.00:

1.30-2.30 :
Reading sessions

2.30 to 3.45pm: Round table N° 7: Cuba, a challenge for the Caribbean
  • The Cuban revolution and the regime that followed it have raised contradictory questions for a large number of writers from the continental and insular Americas, among others. In Caribbean literatures, what does Cuba mean?
3.45 to 4.00pm: Tea break

4.00 to 5.15pm: Round table N° 8: Reclaiming rebellion / The figure of the rebel
  • The figure of the rebel has held a major place in the history and literatures of the Caribbean, from maroons to the figure of the revolutionary. Populations have also opposed colonial order and its prolongation with symbolic practices of rebellion and resistance. What is the situation today with regard to rebellion in Caribbean writings and imagination?
5.15pm: Readings and book-signings
(Special events terrace)

6.30pm: Presentation of the Grand Literary Prize
(Conference and performing arts hall)

7.30pm : Closing ceremony and buffet
(Special events terrace)

8.30pm: Kout Tanbou
Mémorial ACTe - Modular workshops room

9.30am – 1.00pm::

1. – Presentation of the activities report

2. – Presentation of the financial report
April 2015-April 2017

3. – Renewal of the board

4. – Prospects for 2017-2019

4.1 – What should we continue to do together?

  • What Caribbean projects would it be relevant to develop together with regard to literature?
  • What support for authors: writing residencies, aid for translation?
  • What literary publications should be produced in addition to the publication and circulation of the papers of the congress?
  • 6th congress

4. 2– How can we continue to work together?

  • Financing of the 2019 congress

4.3- Literary events

  • Carifesta, August 2017, Barbados

5. – Election of the board

6. – Questions and any other business

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